On Test Day

Plan ahead for test day
Reliable advice helps ensure that students taking the SAT Reasoning Test will arrive at the test center with everything they need. Explain test day procedures and plan ahead so that test day goes smoothly for your students. 

Help your students avoid last-minute mishaps on test day
No matter how prepared your students are for the SAT®, it can happen to anyone: the last-minute test day mishap. Forgotten photo ID, alarm malfunction, the dog ate my Admission Ticket—the list of mistakes goes on and on. 

You can equip your students with all the information they need, including a checklist of last-minute reminders to review the day before the test. 

Occasionally, unexpected circumstances intervene that prevent students from taking the SAT on their test day. Learn more about SAT Program policies and what to do if a: 

Student arrives late 
Student is absent 
Test center is closed