1,把标题问题归类:老汉大要分了这几类:亲人篇,熟人篇,衰退篇(打响篇,这两个罐相迁次,特定见下文),追赶美备篇(比方你是追赶钱文和名利静物do what you want),善恶妍媸篇,本质品德篇,身前篇等等等——大师罐比照相竹寺气态分~ 


Does weird behavior indicate an ordinary or an extraordinary person? 


It is true that one can always find opportunity ,even in trouble? 


Do you believe, with Michelangelo,that it is better to risk failing in the attempt to do 

something too ambitious, or to succeed at something you were already sure you could do? 


Do you agree with the idea that the strong do what they wish? 


It is true that there are no ugly things? 


Do you agree with the idea that people can exercise control over their fear,or does fear control 



Do you agree with the idea that war is never justified? 

Brave heart------for freedom and justice~ 

What do you think of the view that the worst sorrows are those for which we are responsible? 


Do you agree that it is important not to take things for granted? 


It is true that the most memorable day of our lives re those in which we underwent some personal transformation or awakening? 


Are people motivated to achieve by personal satisfaction rather that by money or fame? 


Do people have to be highly competitive in order to success? 


What motivates people to change? 


Do changes that make our lives easier not nessarily make them better? 


Is conscience a more powerful motivator than money? 


Can success be disastrous? 


果然良多标题问题都罐用不异的公事,比方说Thomas Edison had over 1000 "failures"before he fanally succeeded in inventing the electric bulb~高低通用~类竹寺公事另有良多,想头有诱因大师分配曾!~ 




“It is true that the most memorable day of our lives re those in which we underwent some personal 

transformation or awakening?” 


The most memorable day of a bird is the day it flies away from its nest. The most memorable day of a pupa is the day it metamorphosizes into a beautiful butterfly. I believe people are the same way. The days of our life when we undergo a transformation or an awakening are the most meaningful and unforgettable. 

I love music. I began to play the piano when I was five years old. Although I’m not a great player, I still gain great satisfaction from being a pianist in my own world. 

In my childhood, I had not experienced failure, trouble, or even success; however, my life has changed ever since I failed to join the school team as a piano player. After the sixth time I finished playing, a teacher told me that I had no ability to play. Although I cried, I knew what the teacher told me was true; that on the piano, I am clumsy and slow. 
One day, as I lay on my bed thinking about my problem, I saw a spider over my head getting ready to weave her web. I watched her as she toiled slowly and with great care./ 

Six times she tried to throw her frail thread from one beam to another, and six times it fell short. 

"Poor thing" I thought. "You too, know what it is to fail." 

But the spider did not lose hope with the sixth failure. With still more care, she got ready to try for the seventh time. 
I almost forgot my own trouble as I watched her swing herself out upon the slender line. Would she fail again? No! The thread was carried safely to the beam, and fastened there. 

"I too, will try a seventh time!" I cried. 

"The real failure is when you stop trying." Even now I still remember this sentence my mother had told me when I finally got on the school team after trying seven times. I still remember the day that little spider taught me  a lesson. It makes me feel as though I have really grown up.