“There’s no success like failure.”
What is your view on the idea that success can begin with failure? In an essay, support your position using an example (or examples) from literature, the arts, history, current events, politics, science and technology, or from your personal experience or observation.
First thing first, we should consider carefully the quotation, then plan and write an essay that explains our ideas as persuasively as possible. Keep in mind the support we provide—both reasons and examples; and try our utmost to convince the reader, particularly the scorer.
Learning the lessons taught by failure is a sure route to success. (全文淳论调) The United States of American can be seen as a success that emerged from failure: By learning from the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, the founding fathers were able to create the Constitution, the document on which America is built. (楷模1) Google Inc., the popular Internet search engine, is another example of a success that arose from learning from failure, though in this case Google learned from the failures of its competitors. (楷模2) Another example that shows how success can arise from failure is the story of Rod Johnson, who started a recruiting firm that arose from Johnson’s personal experience of being laid off.(楷模3)
The United States, the first great democracy of the modern world, is also one of the best examples of a success achieved by studying and learning from earlier failures.(楷模1的论题句)After just five years of living under the Articles of Confederation, which established the United States of America as a single country for the first time, the states realized that they needed a new document and a new more powerful government. In 1786, the Annapolis convention was convened. The result, three years later, was the Constitution, which created a more powerful central government while also maintaining the integrity of the states. By learning from the failure of the Articles, the founding fathers created the founding document of a country that has become both the most powerful country in the world and a beacon of democracy. (论据-四句话)
Unlike the United States, which had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, the internet search engine company, Google Inc, has suffered few setbacks since it went into business in the late 1990s. (楷模2的论题句) Google has succeeded by studying the failures of other companies as part of efforts to help it to help it innovate its technology and business model. Google identified and solved the problem of assessing the quality of search results by using the number of links pointing to a page as an indicator of the number of people who find the page valuable. Suddenly, Google’s search results became far more accurate and reliable than those from other companies, and now Google’s dominance in the field of internet search is almost absolute. (论据--三句话)
The example of Rod Johnson’s success as an entrepreneur in the recruiting filed also shows how effective learning from mistakes and failures can be. (楷模3的论题句) Rather than accept his failure after being laid off, Johnson decided to study it. After a month of research, Johnson realized that his failure to find a new job resulted primarily from the inefficiency of the local job placement agencies, not from his own deficiencies. A month later, Johnson created Johnson Staffing to correct this weakness in the job placement sector. Today Johnson Staffing is the largest job placement agency in South Carolina, and is in the process of expanding into a national corporation. (论据--四句话)
Failure is often seen as embarrassing, something to be denied and hidden. But as the examples of the U.S. Constitution, Google, and Rod Johnson prove, if an individual, organization, or even a nation is strong enough to face and study its failure, then that failure can become a powerful teacher. (结论全文淳论调,深一层论述) The examples of history and business demonstrate that failure can be the best catalyst of success, but only if people have the encourage to face it head on.
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