Example one :
Brannic’s company put Africa American newspapers into wide circulation across the country . Though viewed as a modern means of mass communication, newspaper is in fact date back to ancient Rome. Increased circulation brought more income with which African American publishers could improve production .
粼自己人能看到第一句into 的物件,是第三句的主题。设使是有慎密的触及呢

Example two
Clear decision making has become a more urgent challenge as more tourists are attracted to Antarctica . Scientists living on Antarctica were not always as careful to preserve the pristine environment as they are now. Tour operators are working with treaty members to devise regulations and there are plans to assess the environmental impacts of tours .
解开肖不example one 那会儿通问,果然也有一个胞词的通问“tourists = tour.”
Example three
I have watched him at dinner ; his eyes are fixed on whoever is speaking , and he nods his head at every remark. My father emerges from such a conversation with what I believe is a true sense of the speaker’s meaning. In the same way , we choose our friends .
In the same way, we choose our friends :有土牛的讯号词:“in the same way “阐明弁的含蕴须要是一个交熟人的路子。留意讯号词
You can imagine why. Birdcage elevators were make of open metalwork , just like birdcages . Hotel gusts were reluctant to climb many flights of stairs several times daily , rooms on the lower floors were considered premium.
讯号词why….阐明过后跟的句子须要是前一讲法(前一句话)的起因,所先头弁再读一句: Prior to this time , hotels and other buildings were a maximum of only four or five stories high. 不难读出外面的羯磨眷念
题型二: 把某一句话插在某个隔开
It (the painting ) was inspired by a poem of Paul Laurence Dunbar. Although it is realistic , the painting isn’t like a photograph.
单看这句,果然不足额阐明although it is realistic 是矫正的,假说你往前再看一句你会计算realistic 有一个通问。 从这里,须要受折白事,有片霎盖然性不只有原原本本的一句。阅历秉认作,王田须要多读的恒是往前读,而差讹今后读。
One of his most famous works is a realistic painting by the name of  “ The banjo Lesson.”
Example one :走廊第一句:Clear decision making has become a more urgent challenge as more tourists are attracted to Antarctica .
矫正解开:Last year , more than 10000 tourists visited Antarctica, bringing soiled boots , climbing gear, and trash to many locations .
Example two :走廊第一句: The introduction of the chili pepper had a tremendous impact on the balance of power among the European countries that were already involved in the black pepper trade, and , what was even larger in scope, on Asian and European cultures.
           矫正解开:   A more detailed discussion of how the introduction of the chili pepper influenced Asian and European cultures.
Example one :文章倒数第二句/第三句
But  instead of black pepper , they found the chili pepper and discovered that it had many advantages over black pepper. Among them was that it (chili pepper ) was a lot easier to grow than black pepper: it could grow in cool regions as well as hot ones
矫正解开: Suddenly , there was a hardy alternative to black pepper.
Example two :
In one Welsh village , the decaying remnants of a castle sit beside cozy brick houses on an ordinary street .
矫正解开: There , medieval austerity stands in bold relief against a background of modern comfort.
According to “ Wallach , “ if you begin to know your enemy , if you begin to understand your enemy , it’s enemy ,if you begin to understand your enemy, it’s inevitable that you will begin to feel some empathy .” He believed that peace has to start among the young, being that the hatred of the adults in the campers’ homelands is very deeply ingrained
矫正解开:Thanks to Wallach’s conviction , over 2000 camperrs are now helping to sow the seeds of peace around the world.