重申冗余:Personally,I believe what the newspaper prints. 一种欲望的规定岂止一次,静物某个词语不要点。 
   双数/双数错读:Many year ago, dinosaur roamed the Earths.说话须要从双数变为双数,静物由双数成双数。双数可数名词不许独个着,须要将其变为双数结成静物加上额度词(a, the, my, his, her, Gary"s, no, any, 1, 3, 50, most,等等)。 
   拼读错读,主题、动词或物件有饥荒:I want to buy something for my mother that she will like it. There was a terrible accident happen yesterday.句子的根本布局有饥荒, 缺少主题、动词或物件,静物这些组件重申。 
   韵调与文章自相矛盾:I was kind of mad at the guy who vociferated angry words at me. I have heard many wonderful things about such cosmopolitan cities as Paris, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong and I would love to visit these cities to check them out.韵调与文章异隔开不选配, 盖然性是过份给事静物太不给事。 
   代词指代难说:If people do not speak the same language, it has a greater chance of miscommunication. I intend to complete my studies in the United States because they have good programs there. 代词所指代的责成词(介词所取代的名词)不的。 
   过份闪烁: We should use our resources on Earth because the Earth is getting worse.句子或它所抒发的欲望过份闪烁,不许献稍稍通讯。 
   动词紧错读:Yesterday I will go to the store because tomorrow I needed some food.动词紧不矫正考察曾是须要用眼前时、阵地时、未来时静物实足时等等。 
   选词不称:I was late getting home because I lost my way.在这类情状下不须要着该词可遴荐更好的词语静物所着的词语与文章的整韵调自相矛盾。 
   说话结成欠妥:I want to creation a great web site so that I can becoming wealth.所着的说话的结成不矫正考察曾须要着该词的名词、描述词或副词结成的哪种。 
   讲法错读:Even I don’t speak Spanish, I was able to find a bathroom in the department store. I gained a lot of pounds during vacation.讲法错读或在此种情状下该词差讹魁讲法。