1. How do the different seasons affectthe everyday lives of Chinese people?
  2. What are some of the effects of bad weather in China?
  3. How do different weather affect the way people feel?
  4. Do you think the climate of a place has an effect on the personality?
  5. What is the favourite season of children (or young people)?
  6. Do adults have the same favourite season?
  7. Which seasons or season do old people prefer?
  8. What’s the climate like in your hometown?
  9. Is the climate the same all over China?
  10. Do you think the world’s climate or the climate in China is getting warmer?
  11. What are the causesof Global Warming?
  12. How do you think Global Warming will affect people’s lives?
  13. Do you think fighting the problem of global climate change is a government responsibility or the responsibility of each individual?