International tourismindeedgives rise tosome problems.
   Ambition and perseveranceare two substantial factors to success. 
   Learning this coursecan stimulateone’s imagination andcultivateone’s independence. 
   二并列句:由并列连词连通的两个素朴句。(and but or so for)
   Life is hopeandhope is life.
   Problems never stopbutpeople stop problems.
   It goes without saying thatchange is an unavoidable trend.
   Some people argue thatthis practice is unjustified.
   Not onlydo teachers teach us knowledge,butthey teach us many other thingswhich can never be taught by computers. 
  (1) 结成主题条文句式
   结成主题条文是撰中高低经常使用的一种条文。自己人当先看曾它是若何格式的。(That+一个竣事的句子可做主题)。比方说:(That education is important ) is clear.这苟主题条文的根本结成。但正是句子设若这等,主题太长。所以然,自己人操练于用it来取代独到的主题。而把独到的主题放在句子的端然。这句话可改成:It is clear that education is important.这就号称结成主题条文。 
   1It is often the case that
   2It is a fact that
  (2) 物件条文句式 
   1Some people think that
   2Some people believe that
  (3) 语词条文句式 
   1 The first thing to be mentioned is that
   2 Another point to be considered is that
   3 The last thing to be shown is that
  (4) 同位语条文句式
   1 I have a dream that one day, all roads will be made plain.
   2 We hold this truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal.

 (5) 定语条文句式
   ① who预先词是人,在定从中罐做主题或物件 
   Children who study abroad will have a good opportunity to experience a different culture. 
   ② which预先词总得是物,在定从中罐做主题或物件 
   Advertisements often urge people to buy things which they do not need.
   ③ that预先词既着实人,又着实物,在定从中做主题或物件 
   The Internet is a tool that can expand one’s horizon. 
   ④ whom预先词是人,在定从中做物件
   Children whom their parents encourage to take part-time jobs will adapt to the society better in the future.
   ⑤ whose预先词既着实人,又着实物,在定从中做定语
   Children whose parents’guidance is consistent and rational will have more self-confidence.
   ⑥ Where预先词共有是说明方的名词,过后加竣事句 
   The museum is the place where people can get educated and entertained. 
   ⑦ When预先词共有是说明纪的名词,过后加竣事句 
   I am looking forward to a time when there is long--lasting peace rather than war.
   ⑧ Why预先词共有是说明起因的名词,过后加竣事句
   That is the reason why I am in favor of the former view.
   ⑨ As指南的非限度性定语条文
   1 As has been said, 
   2As has been mentioned,

   When dry desert ends, the green grass grows. 
   Where there is a will, there is a way.
   If the economy still develops at present way, the environment will be getting worse and worse. 
   Collecting provides relaxation for leisure hours, as just looking at one’s treasures is always a joy.
   Youth is so wonderful that it is a crime to waste it. 
   Such a plan should be carried out so that the goal of education could be better met. 
   Although advertisements are never without disadvantages, their advantages carry more weight. 
   If we cannot do as we would, we must do as we can. 
   The more we study, the better we understand life.