International Dahua IELTS School
A specialized education center for studying abroad.

International Dahua school considers that a specialized Learning Center focusing on an English education for students hoping to study in foreign countries is of utmost importance at this crucial time in China 's development.

Therefore, Dahua was duly established in order to supply the growing need for Learning Centers that could properly instruct and equip Chinese students for future study abroad. Dahua is located in Henan province's capital city of Zhengzhou .. The school's motto is, “All for the student, for the student all!” With this motto in mind, the school remains informed about and continually applies break through innovations in teaching methodologies. Simultaneously, the school's administration pays very close attention to the quality of its teaching faculty. The school attracts large quantities of foreign language experts that possess years of professional teaching experience and encourages them to develop a unique academic environment based, in part on their own personal individuality.

Dahua IELTS school is focused on foreign language education and international examinations. We specialize in the following examinations: IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT , Japanese, Korean , German, French and several others. Moreover, we are the earliest educational institution to run the new TOEFL class and to also become the school with the “highest-score base in all of Henan ”. This success is due in large part to the concerted efforts of our well organized and devoted teaching staff. In addition, Dahua has quickly developed a good reputation for being the best examination training center with the greatest percentage of students obtaining the highest examination scores in the province.

With its unique teaching style and educational achievements, Dahua has managed, in such a short period of time, to place itself at the forefront of the education sector in Henan province. Amongst the general public, the school's image has already become renowned for guaranteeing a responsible education that is trustworthy.

For several years, Dahua has been the biggest name in the field of foreign language training in Henan province. Through its influential positioning at the provincial level, it has succeeded in gaining popularity on a nationwide scale. This is the result of persistent hard work from its outstanding teaching staff and its efficient and responsible mode of administration.

On April 21 st and 22 nd , 2008, the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy conducted its inaugural “IELTS:Train the Trainer Workshop” and “A Symposium on IELTS Developments and Future Trends”, at the Beijing International Hotel. Dahua IELTS school was the only specialized education center for studying abroad from Henan province to be invited to attend the conference. The reason for the bestowal of this great honour is simply because Dahua has an unusual capacity to train students to pass the IELTS examination with very high scores; which means that when one enters the Dahua system, he or she has a better chance of entering world famous colleges and universities. The important officials of the examination's board who attended the conference are: Dr Bhaskar Chakravarti-Director of English and Exams, Anthony Pollock-Chief Executive of IDP education Pty Limited, James Shipton-IELTS Director for China, Mike Milanovic -The president of the ESOL testing department of Cambridge im体育 as well as representatives from the Australian Embassy, the Canadian Embassy, the US Embassy representatives and several others.

Being invited to this conference is proof that educational institutions in Henan , such as Dahua IELTS School , are recognized by worldwide testing organizations and authorities. During the conference, Dahua's delegation was given the opportunity to carry on deep conversations separately with each of the officials present, and exchanged opinions about IELTS and its future developments in regards to Henan , specifically in its business sector.

The chief administrators of the worldwide IELTS program, from left to right in the above picture : Anthony Pollock-Chief Executive of IDP education Pty Limited , Dr Bhaskar Chakravarti-Director of English and Exams , Mike Milanovic -The president of the ESOL testing department of Cambridge im体育 , James Shipton-IELTS Director for China.

From left to right in the above picture: Ashley of Dahua, Dr Bhaskar Chakravarti and Christine Zhang-Head of Exam Business Development. Together, they exchanged ideas about IELTS development.

Ashley and James Shipton in the above picture. They talked about IELTS development trends in China , especially in Henan province.

Ashley and Anthony Pollock in the above picture. During tea break, they discussed some existing problems with Chinese students and the study of IETS.

From left to right in the above picture: James Carminchael-British Council Deputy Director of Examinations Services, and Director of Examinations for North and Central China, Jonathan of Dahua, and Lan Stewart-Examiner Professional Support Manager. Together, they had discussions pertaining to the field of IELTS examination and teaching.

Jonathan of Dahua with Lain Watt-the official representative of the Australian Embassy.

Ashley and Alison Barrett the conference mediator and lead trainer.

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